How Do We Create Space For The Heart Centered life?

How Do We Create Space For The Heart Centered life?

How do we create space for the Heart?

In order to create space for the heart centered life, we must let go of energies, relationships, ideas, and belief systems that are coming from fear and not love.

The best way to discern if we are coming from love or fear in our lives, is to create space to truly listen.

Because our lives are saturated with schedules, technology and distractions we can become so unaware of the life sucking energy of fear. It can be sneaky and subtle at first, but it will eventually take over, limiting and constricting all areas of our lives.

woman and windowHow do we know if we are living a life of fear?

The best way to become aware if we are living a life of fear or love, is to make space, or a daily sacred ritual of some kind, to truly listen. True listening requires contemplation, feeling, honesty and practice. Creating sacred ritual for listening to the heart, can be a simple as taking a walk, drinking tea, spending time with animals, or sitting under a tree.

For example, a sacred ritual could include getting up every morning, when the house is quiet. Making tea or coffee, and sitting by a window to contemplate life, pray, read, journal write and meditate. At this sacred time, we can take inventory on all aspects of our lives, such as Spirituality, Relationships, Work, Home, and Health.

A great way to really take inventory of our lives, is to write down Relationships, Work, Home, and Health, on a couple pieces of paper, or journal. Write down the first feelings that come up. Ask yourself if these areas are filled with “shoulds” or obligations, sadness or anger? Do you feel disempowered, trapped, guilty or ashamed in any of these areas of your life?

Now, what kind of spirituality, relationships, work, home, environment and activities would you like to experience? When visualizing what you want, how does your body, mind and emotions feel? Do those choices reflect what you know to be true in your heart? What needs to change, in order for you to experience what you really want?

Living a heart centered life, reflects love in all areas. Love leaves a sense of freedom and peace. Even if you feel energized, inspired and maybe overwhelmed by the prospect, the feeling in your heart still feels open and peaceful.


Journal-writing-ideasHow do we disengage from a life of fear?

One step at a time.

After journal writing and getting clear on what is off center, we can start creating strategies on how to move back to our center, or heart space. Getting clear is not a self flogging session. Getting clear, provides opportunities to create change. This opportunity not only creates awareness, but also provides space for strategy.

For example, you may discover that you are engaging in exercise routines that you feel you have to do, to stay thin. To create a positive shift, why not try other forms of exercise that will bring you more joy? Make a commitment to do these more joyful activities, at least once a week.

Or you find yourself in relationships where you are surrounded by really negative people. Ask yourself how do you engage or interact with these negative people? Do you take part in drama? Or do you do things to yourself or others, that leave you feeling guilty, drained or dirty? If so, make a promise to yourself to not do things that make you feel guilty anymore. For example, “From this day forward, I will not engage in any drama or gossip.”

At times, it may feel like “three steps forward, two steps back”. Listening and trusting the heart, takes practice. Especially in a culture where we have been taught to ignore those signals and follow the status quo. But, making these powerful promises to ourselves, disengages us from negative relationships, beliefs systems and circumstances not aligned with the heart. And only then, are we open to new possibilities.

happiness-love-peace-typography-favim-com-135593_largeThe only person that can make you happy, is YOU.

No one else is responsible for creating a heart centered life, and making you happy, other than you.

We all find ourselves experiencing times in our lives, where huge adjustments need to be made. Where we feel that, “if only this person would do x, y, z, I could get over it, and all would be well. Or, I will make the changes, but I am waiting for the perfect circumstances to manifest to create the life I really want.

Waiting only creates heartache. We are worthy of love, wonder and beauty in our lives right now. And the only way to access that, is to listen. Listen to the stirrings of the heart, and make little steps every day, towards what the heart truly desires.

Make a promise to take at least once small step every day, towards what makes your heart sing. Even small steps, can be exhilarating, empowering… and create life changing hope and change.

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