What is Listening to the Heart?

What is Listening to the Heart?

What is listening to the heart?

Listening to our heart requires that we quiet the mind, and go within.The mind is connected to our life’s stories, knowledge and cultural belief systems.The way to quiet the mind, is to first ponder.

Pause, breath, and think.

Then feel the emotion behind the words. When we truly feel the emotion behind our words, we become ultra sensitive to our wounds, and the energy around us – this is listening.

This provides opportunity for healing and strength of Intuition.


Intuition is connected to your heart space. It tells us when something is in proper alignment with the heart, or when it isn’t. This feeling of intuition can be found in the body’s signals, a small voice in one’s mind, or just simply through knowing. All of these signals serve the heart’s purpose to lead. When intuition leads, and you follow, then good things are bound to follow. When we do not follow our intuition, the opposite or regret usually follows.

Heart-Intelligence-Spiritual-Physical_443x267-webWhat does listening to the heart feel like?

There are many different ways our heart’s intuition communicates with us. For example, heart choices leave you with a feeling of peace; and if you feel excitement, your body leans forward being open to opportunity. If the body leans back and contracts, then the heart is not aligned with the situation, place, person, etc. During times like this, there is nothing wrong with saying, “I’ll get back to you” or a simple “no”. Removing yourself from the situation is also very appropriate.

Align with your heart’s values to increase confidence

Sometimes our heart choices can push us beyond our comfort zone, creating feelings of nervousness, however your heart choices should also lead to feelings of empowerment. Following the heart comes from love, not fear.

Making a decision out of love can feel like a leap of faith, but to not make the heart decision, puts fear in charge of our lives.

Following the heart does not overpower someone else. It only empowers the Self, and inspires others to do the same. Decisions from the heart do not lead to regret.They lead to powerful experiences of expansion, healing and opportunity, and never devalue another person. Family or friends may be temporarily disappointed and confused by your choices, but will ultimately respect you more for following your heart.

Heart decisions build inner strength, courage and confidence. They often serve humanity by example, inspiring others to do the same. Heart decisions “feel good” or “right” spiritually and emotionally, but not always physically and mentally. The heart choice doesn’t serve physical or ego gratification, but heart gratification. Sometimes the results are not immediate, but with faith and trust, situations turn out better for everyone involved.

transformation gold heart stonesHow do we know if we are making a decision out of fear?

The best way to decipher if a choice is coming from fear or from the heart, is to first ask yourself if you are coming from a space of fear or love? This practice of self honesty and discernment is our greatest gift.

When reflecting on a choice, what emotions come up? How does your body feel or react? Do feelings of overwhelming emotions surface, like feelings of unworthiness, or disempowerment? Do you feel under-qualified, or not smart enough to do what you really want to do? Are you surrounded by individuals that support your negative views?

When this happens, it is a perfect time to reflect on why the fear is there? Ask yourself where the belief or blockage could have started? After answering these questions as honestly as you possibly can, sit and feel the emotions completely. This refelection provides an opportunity for healing and growth. No longer will you be immersed in fear, but looking down upon it. Living from the heart space leads to abundance, love and a sense wonder. This shift in perception has the potential to change our complete experience of life. From a life of lack, pain and sadness, to a life of gratitude and joy.

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