The Definition of a Medicine Woman

The Definition of a Medicine Woman

Definition of a Medicine woman

What is the Definition of a Medicine Woman?

The definition of a Medicine Woman is simple, yet complex. It is the path of ultimate accountability. Even though there are sacred tools and techniques that are passed down from generation to generation, the path of the Medicine Woman is more of a way of life. It is a way of interpreting, perceiving, experiencing and interacting with life intimately.

For example, it’s the wisdom of knowing that all things are in relation to each other. That all healing and connection comes from the heart – be it with another human, an animal, mineral, or Spirit.

A Medicine Woman knows that the Divine is in communication with us all of the time. The Divine communicates and assists us through channels, such as the words of a song, sacred books, friends or healers. Or communicates through the symbolic meaning of repeated images, dreams, animals or birds. The Medicine Woman sees the Divine as being in constant communion with all things – even during life’s darkest hours.

How does a Medicine Woman help others?

A Medicine Woman shares wisdom with others by helping them find strength within the deep crevasses of their own true heart. This guidance from a Medicine Woman is only performed by invitation from the individual seeking light, love, and healing. She never imposes her opinions or perceptions on another. A true Medicine Woman knows all wisdom, love and truth are found within the Soul. The Soul can never be separated from anything but truth.

A Medicine Woman will also help an individual ‘reconnect’ with the truth found in their Soul – so as to strengthen a person’s intuition. Intuition is connected to the heart space. It tells us when something is in alignment or when it isn’t. Intuition can be recognized with different body signals, a small voice in one’s mind or with a feeling. All of these signals serve the heart’s purpose to lead and inspire. When we follow our intuition, good things follow. When we don’t follow our intuition regret usually follows. A Medicine Woman can help others build trust with their intuition and reconnect to the heart through healing, journey work and sacred ceremony.

How does a Medicine Woman live?

A Medicine Woman prefers to live in sequence with the natural cycles of life, and knows that all things manifest themselves from the inside out. Happiness and peace must start from within in order to produce happy and peaceful outcomes in reality. The Medicine Woman recognizes that life is in constant ebb and flow, giving and receiving, beginning and ending, active and passive. She honors the natural cycles of her body, knowing there are times of action and times of rest, times of contemplation and inner work, and times of diligence and perseverance.

Working with the moon-cycles and seasons helps her stay in touch with her own inner cycles and rhythms. Being in constant communion with the body – listening to it’s signals, honoring the body through rest and proper nutrition, meditation and exercise – is the lifestyle choice of a Medicine Woman. Getting out of the natural rhythms and cycles causes an imbalance in the body and spirit.

How does one become a Medicine Woman?

A woman becomes a Medicine Woman by training and practicing under another Medicine Woman or Shaman. There are many techniques and tools that have been passed down from centuries to guide others on how to connect with their divinity, how to to heal, and how to find true empowerment. This particular healing path is called The Power Path. When one lives from the heart, they connect to their Power Path.

Living as a Medicine Woman means existing in harmony with nature, others and the Self. This is the path of healing, beauty, reverence and empowerment. The path of the Medicine Woman is a way of life that allows for interpreting, perceiving, experiencing and interacting on a deep and intimate level. The heart is queen, and the mind is it’s servant – this is the Medicine Woman defined.

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