True Healing: A Guide to Happiness

True Healing: A Guide to Happiness
True Healing: A Guide to Happiness

True Healing: A Guide to Happiness

True Healing is an honest guide to one’s happiness. “True” healing is more than mending a broken heart. Though closing emotional wounds is naturally part of the healing process, true healing involves constant examination of the various elements of Self.

What is True Healing?

Long lasting or permanent healing comes when we bring balance to the Multidimensional Self. It is healing on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. If any one of these levels is not acknowledged and brought into balance, then true healing cannot occur. Like four legs to a table, the Self cannot hold life’s bounty if not balanced, stable, and secure.

If healing and awareness are not brought into all areas of our being, then something in our reality will manifest in order to bring awareness into the area(s) that needs shifting. Because these manifestations of healing can come in many forms, the warning signs can sometimes be perceived as negative. Life’s circumstances, or lessons, will repeat again and again until the message is fully integrated, wisdom is obtained, and healing has occurred.

Understanding True Healing

The best way to reflect on what needs to be healed or brought into balance is to take a look at your life at this very moment starting from the physical level. Take a real good look at your physical self. Is it healthy? Does it feel clean? Does it feel relaxed? Is it hungry, or thirsty, warm or cold? Do you feel pain anywhere? Are your muscles tight or relaxed?

Your body is the communication tool and vehicle for your spiritual self. Because your body is your vehicle and communication device, I like to call it the Kingdom. I ask myself every day: who is running my Kingdom here? Is it my body, my mind or my emotions? The goal is to allow your heart or Spirit to run your Kingdom.

Tapping into our bodies, emotions, thoughts and Spirit, helps us reflect on who is in control of our Kingdom.

What does a happier and more fulfilling life mean?

We all want happier, more fulfilling lives. For me, it means eternal peace, love, beauty, and bliss completely unwavered by outside circumstances. With sincere intent, anyone can access this state of being, which lies deep down inside of us. This positive state reflects our true essence, our eternal Self.

We all truly just want to be at “home”. Wanting to be home (representing where we find love and comfort) is the real and authentic cause of suffering. The pain, drama, and story we get wrapped up in, is never the root cause of our suffering. All stories are symbols, shadows, and manifestations of something much deeper. Our real desire is to completely rest and be vulnerable. We want to be seen for who we truly are. We have an innate need to be honored, appreciated, protected, and loved. The challenge is to shift our perspective, from the physical, emotional, and mental space, to the heart space. That is the true authentic dwelling place, the sacred altar of the Soul.

You Have the Power to Create Your Kingdom

Everything has been lined-up and prepared for us, to finally come to the next step in our spiritual evolution. We will discover, in so much more depth than we already have, that we are much more than our hair, our skin, or our title. It is time to come to the full realization that we have the power to create a Kingdom that reflects our true Spirit.

We will not only feel love, give love and express love, but to know without a doubt that we are love. The only way to come to this realization is to not run from the shadow of pain, but to actually turn into it, and listen. Only then, when we surrender, do we really have the true call to healing.

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