How to live a Heart Centered life?

How to live a Heart Centered life?

How do we live a Heart Centered life?

When living a Heart Centered life, it is important to first discern, what comes from the head and what comes from the heart. People believe that the head is logical, and the heart is illogical. Nothing could be further from the truth. The key is to get the head to serve the heart, not the other way around.

A head or Mind that is not serving the heart, is like a knight without a King and Queen. The knight runs the Kingdom with no direction and wild abandonment.

Being honest with how we truly feel, helps us get clear on what our heart truly desires, and connects us with the King, Queen or wisdom within.

Doing this leads to a life full of soulful living and connections…a Kingdom we all truly crave.

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How to live a Heart Centered life-Mystic Mix

The Mind is full of “shoulds”

The mind is full of “shoulds”. For example, “I should love this job. Why don’t I love this job?” “I should love this relationship. What is wrong with me?” Or, “I should love where I am living. At least I have a roof over my head. I am so ungrateful.” The Mind is full of “shoulds” which leads to feelings of guilt and disconnection to Spirit. The energy of guilt, does not live in the Kingdom of the heart space.

The contrasts of love and fear, peace verses chaos, light and darkness, provides wisdom and direction in this human experience. For example, without anger, we would not recognize peace. Without experiencing hate, we would not appreciate or recognize love. Without sadness, we would not know joy. Without pain, we may not empathize with the pain of others, or recognize when something is out of alignment with the heart.

When we come from the space of love, we can be grateful for the opportunities and lessons at hand, while creating strategies on how to manifest what we really want. When we do this, the Mind is serving the Heart in the right way.

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How to live a Heart Centered life-Mystic Mix

The Heart assists Us all of the time

The heart, which is connected to our intuition, assists us in life all of the time, even if we do not recognize the signals. Whether it be a “knowing”, or a gut feeling, heart wisdom, choices and opportunities leave you with a feeling of peace. Even if you feel excitement or nervousness with heart centered direction and opportunities, the body feels energized and empowered. The body leans forward and feels open. You feel inspired, renewed and free to be yourself.

If the body leans back, the chest and body contracts, or feels drained, then the heart is not in alignment with the situation, place, person, etc. When we are out of alignment with the heart, actions feel heavy and draining. You may even feel inauthentic, limited, constrained or trapped.

Heart Choices feel good

They do not always feel physically gratifying at first, but emotionally and spiritually they uplift us, and strengthen our confidence. People often distrust what their heart is telling them, because it may be in contrast to what the mind is telling them. Or, they distrust pleasure and self love. Thinking all pleasure should be limited and constrained.


How to live a Heart Centered life-Mystic Mix

Heart Choices do not always look like the right choice on the outside. For example, everything may “look good” on the outside at work, but the heart may be pulling in another direction.

Pay attention to the heart signals, pulls and yearnings. Following the heart may feel like a leap of faith, but it always leads you in the right direction. The heart will never betray you, because the heart is connected to infinite wisdom. This wisdom knows the future, and knows what is for your highest good. Always.

Pay attention to the energy around you

Pay attention to not only the energy inside, but also around you. How does your work, people and environments feel? Are your environments, whether that be at home, work or otherwise, surrounding you with love or fear?

Your heart, will tell you the truth. The key is to listen, cultivate the trust in yourself, and stand in your truth. Ask for what you want, and not settle for anything that does not feel good in your heart.

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How to live a Heart Centered life-Mystic Mix

Surround yourself with nurturing and inspiring people, and environments as much as possible. And if you find yourself in unloving relationships, environments or work spaces, acknowledge this without guilt. Feel grateful for the lessons they have provided.

When we make a decision to live a Heart Centered life, sometimes we must shed the old, to make room for the new.


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