The Vitalist Way

Are you a vitalist? Vitalism recognizes the difference between organic and inorganic entities. Vitalism also emphasizes intuition, creativity, differentiation and the creative flow of life on matter. A vitalist is aware of how food, drugs, thoughts, feelings, nature, people, and everything that surrounds them affects them on an physical, spiritual and energetic level. Did you know that thoughts can be more powerful than toxins in the body!? Living in a space where you are consciously aware of how your thoughts, feelings and actions influence your health and wellbeing is such a gift. I think one of the most challenging lessons in life is following what’s in your heart, rather than what you have been raised or taught to believe. I try to keep this in mind as I am walking on this beautiful path called life. Being in tune with how you are feeling physically transcends into having a higher awareness on the spiritual and emotional plane as well. Most people who come to me already “know” what is going on with them, they have just been told not to trust their bodies, let alone their hearts. I truly believe that Dr. Robert Mendelsohn had is right when he said, “Mothers, Grandmothers, and Mother Nature are the best doctors around.”

We come to this Earth in one body, and if we do not treat ourselves to the gifts of Mother Nature then we can’t fully enjoy our time here. My vitalist approach to life is to eat as clean as I can, drink distilled water, utilize herbs to prevent and treat illnesses, meditate everyday, use a NUCCA chiropractor when needed, walk barefoot on Mother Earth, journal write and have regular spiritual readings. I also surround myself with gifted and passionate women who show me the arts of astrology, reiki, yoga and massage. If you are inspired to live a more vitalistic way of life then check out the my website at and schedule an herbal/nutritional consultation, spiritual reading and so much more!

Sarah Dobson

Certified Herbalist

Nutritional Herbalist

Reiki Master, Teacher

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