Sarah Dobson, Certified Herbalist, Nutritional Herbalist, Reiki Master,Teacher

Sarah Dobson is a Certified Family and Nutritional Herbalist, Reiki Master, Teacher.


About Sarah Dobson

Sarah Dobson is a Certified Herbalist, Nutritional Herbalist and an Usui Reiki Master, Teacher. Her passion is teaching others about the power of herbal and nutritional healing. Sarah never utilizes herbs that are habit forming, toxic or poisonous and she educates people on which herbs to consume and which ones to avoid. Her goal is to help others feel the empowerment that she has felt by healing themselves and their loved ones.

After her second child was born she attended The School of Natural Healing to become a Certified Herbalist. What she learned and continues to learn has proven to be invaluable to her family over the years. Sarah is not only passionate about herbal healing. After experiencing three home/water births her entire world opened up to midwifery, doulas and natural child birth. She continues her emotional, mental, physical and spiritual growth by training to become a Shamanic Practitioner.

Sarah uses many healing modalities such as massage, Reiki, meditation, shamanic work, spiritual readings and NUCCA to bring balance to her life. She has found that to balance to the entire human body you must not only look at the physical self. This is why she also offers emotional, mental and spiritual healing tools as well.

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I was diagnosed with a Staph Infection and was treated with antibiotics. After 10 days of antibiotics, my Staph Infection came back. When I told Sarah about my reoccurring infection, she gave me a natural remedy. I was nervous to follow it, because Staph Infection is very serious and painful, but I listened and did exactly what she told me. Within a few hours I noticed the swelling was going down. A couple of days later, the swelling and infection was completely gone! Thanks Sarah!


Sarah recommended that I take Dr Chirstopher Birth Prep for my upcoming labor. I truly believe with the help of those herbs and some meditation I was able to have a short and beautiful birth. Her shock tea is also amazing.


I was having huge issues with my eyes, energy level and digestion. I met with Sarah and she made great suggestions for my diet and provided me with herbs that have changed my life. My eyes are basically normal, I have so much more energy and my digestive problems have disappeared. I haven’t felt this good for years. I can’t thank you enough, Sarah

Patty Darling

I was fighting pain in my back and shoulders. Sarah, the process that you gave me to follow with the ointment and capsules worked wonders. I feel like a new person! Thank so much for helping me rid myself of that pain.


Sarah, Thanks so much for all your help with the bad cough and chest congestion. I followed your remedies during the day and at night and I felt much better and slept well after a tuff week. This was really helpful, the herbal tinctures cleared up my congestion and I am back to my normal health. Thanks for your help and guidance.


I had a very informative consultation with Sarah. She took the time and then some to inform and advise me of what steps can be taken to improve my physical health and attain more energy. ALL of the information made so much sense! I realized how truly deficient my diet was. So I took the steps necessary to improve my health and well-being. I also ordered and am taking herbal supplements which have really made a difference in these past few weeks since starting them! I even lost a few pounds which was another of my goals! Thank you Sarah!!!

Diane Mc

Sarah recommended that I drink as often as possible raspberry leaf tea and I have been. I notice an all around full feeling when I have my tea and a boost in my energy as well. When I have been ill and couldn’t get anything else down I relied on the tea and have noticed it has enhanced my healing process. I recommend this tea to everyone and have witnessed for myself how much better I am feeling because of this recommendation from Sarah. Thank YOU!


The first consultation is two hours, each one after that is an hour.

Once your purchase for Sarah’s services is complete, she will contact you to schedule your appointment.


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