Holly Alexander, Astrologer

Astrologer and Mystic Science of the Cards practitioner. Holly counsels and teaches, blending her broad knowledge base with intuitive direction.

holly-alexanderAbout Holly

Holly Alexander, MC, has passionately studied psychology, spirituality and the occult mysteries for over thirty years. A spirited quest to understand the meaning of life and her place in it, has led her to explore astrology, the Mystic Science of the Cards, numerology, tarot, archetypes, myth, dreams, shamanism, and various spiritual and psychological practices. A former social worker and Jungian-Oriented Child Play Therapist, Holly holds a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling. She currently gives astrology and card readings, counsels and teaches, blending her broad knowledge base with intuitive direction.

About Shamanic Astrology

Your natal horoscope is a blueprint for your life on earth and a reading is designed to activate awareness of your unique expression and purpose. As the planets continue to move through the sky, they form a relationship with your natal energies. The challenging and dynamic connections formed are reflected in the parts of your psyche that are seeking change, growth, integration and progressive movement.

My readings are offered through the Shamanic Astrology perspective, a rich and powerful blend of psychological, spiritual and mythological approaches to a comprehensive understanding of your soul’s purpose on earth.

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I’m lucky enough to have known Holly for quite some time, and I can’t express strongly enough my gratitude for the education and insight she has shared with me over the years. I can’t imagine not having her wisdom in my life. She’s the first person I turn to when I want to understand more about the astrological influences that are predominant at any given time. Holly is able to quickly and easily provide guidance regarding how to work with any influence in a positive way. And when she introduced me to the Mystic Science of the Cards, it resonated immediately. Her readings–of both the planets and the cards–are truly power packed. When I refer people to Holly, they always contact me to share enthusiastic thanks!
Bethrenae Tribble

I’d scheduled a reading with Holly because, like so many of us, I felt like I’d been living on this planet with no instructions, no map, no directions. When I did accept how I felt or who I thought I was, my culture echoed back that I was too different or strange according to cultural standards. I liken my reading with Holly as receiving an instruction book called “You were born to be you.” She clearly and methodically explained what I came here to do, the tools I come equipped with, what I’d mastered in the past as well as clarifying the “quirky” aspects of my personality. I left feeling unique, powerful and accepted. Self acceptance is a hard thing to put a price on.
Kass Wood

I’ve been most fortunate to receive readings from Holly Alexander in the Mystic Science of the Cards system. She delivers her gift from a wellspring of knowledge and intuitive grace as she reveals the rhythms and cycles of my life. What an amazing experience!
Kathryn Miles

I gleaned so much insight yesterday – I felt like all the cupboards were cleaned out and the fresh air came flowing in – I felt connected ever so strongly to who I AM – Thank you!!!
Carol Wheat

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Services and Fees

Shamanic Astrology Readings

First-time Sessions. There are various options available:

Single Session Only:
An in-depth look at your natal chart/divine blueprint.
70 minutes

Basic Package (2 Sessions):***
1st session: An in-depth view of your natal chart/divine blueprint. 70 minutes
2nd session: An in-depth view of your current initiation cycles/personal timings. 60 minutes

Basic Package Plus (3 Sessions):***
1st session: An in-depth look at your natal chart/divine blueprint. 70 minutes
2nd session: An in-depth look at your current initiation cycles/personal timings. 60 minutes
3rd session: Possibilities include an exploration into other significant timings/cycles such as Venus or Mars Returns; an in-depth look at significant relationships; OR a deeper inquiry into any other questions you may have. 60 minutes

***Must be used within 3 months

Updates and Additional Sessions:

You’re invited to schedule update sessions at any time to go deeper into your natal chart, initiation cycles/personal timings, relationships, or in general, further inquiry into questions/issues you may have.

If you choose to have an annual update, you’ll learn about your initiation cycles/personal timings for the next 12 months.

60 minutes…..$126
90 minutes…..$153

All readings include a mp3 recording. To schedule, submit the form below and send a message letting me know what session(s) you would like to book. Or call 707-737-4119. Payment can be made through Paypal, after we schedule your appointment. I’m currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah and can do in-person readings if you are located in the area. Otherwise, readings are done over the telephone.

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Once your purchase for my services is completed, I will contact you to schedule your appointment.



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