Herbs For Pregnancy and Birth

Herbs For Pregnancy and Birth

I truly believe that the only way to guarantee a healthy mom and baby is to utilize Mother Nature’s gifts. There are many wonderful herbs that an expecting mom can use to feed and nourish her body, such as red raspberry leaf tea. You can visit my article here to read about the medicinal properties of this herb. When choosing which herbs to use it is essential to only buy organic or wildcrafted as this guarantees there are no pesticides or any other harmful chemicals on them. Choosing organic or wildcrafted also guarantees that you are using an herb with a higher nutrient content as opposed to conventionally grown. This is true for the food you buy as well. An expecting mom should be eating a large variety of organic raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains(sprouted) and seeds. If you choose to eat meat, it is important to eat it very sparingly as meat constipates the bowels. There are healthier choices then others such as eating organic free range chicken or turkey as opposed to pork or beef. Wild caught salmon is also a good option instead of tuna or shrimp. An expecting mother also needs to be drinking at least one gallon of distilled water a day. You can visit my article which talks about the importance of drinking distilled water.

After having three natural home births of my own I was able to witness first hand the power of herbal and nutritional healing during pregnancy. When I had my first two children I did not know all that I know now. For the most part I ate the typical American diet, took pharmaceuticals, over the counter supplements, and I certainly didn’t utilize many herbs. My only real educated decision was to give birth with a certified midwife at home, instead of in a hospital with drugs and interventions. Reflecting back I am humbled by the thought that anything could have gone wrong, because I had no idea how to take care of my body or prepare it for giving birth. It would be like running a marathon without any prior preparation!

By the time I conceived my third child I had just finished my herbal midwifery course at The School Of Natural Healing, so I was excited and ready to put all that I had learned to work. I spent the next ten months eating as consciously and as clean as I possibly could, drinking copious amounts of red raspberry leaf tea and distilled water, and taking all the herbs that I could to help feed and nourish my body. I also practiced meditation and walked in nature everyday. When I was in labor I drank shock tea and used essential oils for relaxation. The end result was a beautiful birth experience. My daughter was born at home in three hours and it took me one push to get her earthside. I utilized a lot of the same herbs to speed up the healing process during the postpartum period and I noticed that my milk came in much faster then before! I have passed along this way of living to many other woman and results are just as positive. It is so inspiring to watch a woman take the power back and make decisions that are truly best for her child and for her.

If you want more information on herbs to take during pregnancy you can set up a consultation with me at utahherbalist@gmail.com

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