Distilled Water

Water has many functions throughout the body, but its main functions are: lubricant, solvent, coolant, transportant and dispersant. Water is the primary ingredient in all of our bodily fluids such as blood, lymphatic, saliva, glandular secretions and cerebral spinal fluid. Our lymphatic system depends greatly on water to be able to function properly. It will not move at all without water, even if you are slightly dehydrated. The peristaltic muscle in the colon is also affected by dehydration, causing constipation and there for the reabsorption of toxins into the bloodstream. Some other signs of dehydration are dark circles under the eyes, low energy, digestion issues, skin ailments, and brittle hair. It doesn’t take much for our bodies to become dehydrated either. In our society today most people go all day without drinking water, yet the average adult needs to be drinking one gallon of distilled water everyday.

The reason why distilled water is the best choice is because our drinking water contains over seven hundred known harmful chemicals, metals and inorganic minerals. When our bodies take in inorganic minerals such as calcium they get deposited in weak areas of the body. One of the results of calcium deposits that we see frequently in our society are kidney stones as they are made up of inorganic calcium. These minerals can also accumulate around weak joints causing issues such as arthritis. Our arteries, capillaries and veins can get hard water build up just like the pipes in our homes, causing blockages all throughout the body. The human brain and spine are surrounded by fluid, with the primary ingredient being water. This means that any chemicals, heavy metals, or inorganic minerals that are found in the water we are drinking will accumulate on the brain. When this occurs we see serious issues with brain function such as dementia and Alzheimer’s just to name a few. Distilled water will wash away any inorganic minerals that are being stored in your body and leave all organic minerals untouched. It is pure H2O!

Where should we be getting our minerals then? The answer is: from the foods we eat and the herbs we take. One glass of fresh squeezed orange juice contains more useable minerals then three hundred gallons of water. The purest source of minerals come from raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains and seeds, and they should be eaten in abundance.

If we could all concentrate on drinking more water throughout the day I know we would be happy, healthier human beings!

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