Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)

Comfrey (Symphytum officinale)

Comfrey has many names and numerous uses. It is also known as knit bone, bruise wort, slippery root, gum plant, healing herb and wound wort. This amazing plant is an astringent, cell proliferate, demulcent, emollient, expectorant, hemostatic, refrigerant and vulnerary. It contains calcium, potassium, phosphorus and allantoin which accelerates cell renewal in damaged muscles and broken bones. Comfrey has been used as a healing herb since 400 B.C. It was known to have the power to encourage tissue repair. We understand that the Greeks used it to stop heavy bleeding and bronchial ailments. The Cherokee have taken this plant internally for numerous ailments as well as topically as a salve for wounds. The general rule in Herbology is, “If anything is broken, use comfrey.” You can use this cell proliferating herb to heal wounds so that no stitches are needed, and there is no scarring. Comfrey is called the knitter and healer because of its ability to heal tissue and bones so quickly and effectively. Comfrey aids in soothing inflammation and when used as a poultice it can be applied to burns, wounds, broken bones and bites. It helps promote the secretion of pepsin which is an aid for digestion issues.


“Unfortunately, there have been studies that have said that Comfrey caused cancer in test animals. On close scrutiny of these studies, it was found that the scientists had isolated and extracted out the alkaloids that were in the plant and then massive doses of these alkaloids were given to these tiny rats which causes tumors and cancer. Scientists that did the original experiments, did tell the news media later that when the product (Comfrey) was given to the rats in its whole and natural state, that this did not happen. Should we worry about the alkaloids in Comfrey? If you do, then you better worry about those alkaloids in tomatoes, potatoes or vegetables in the same family, as they have the same alkaloids. Comfrey has earned its title honestly, as being the knitter, healer plant. Comfrey is one of the greatest herbs God has given to man, and the FDA wants to remove comfrey from the marketplace.”

The Little Herb Encyclopedia

I have personally been using and recommending the use of comfrey for many years now. It is one of my favorite herbs and definitely one that I can’t live without. I have seen comfrey heal third degree burns on a three year old boy’s body. His parents came to me in despair wondering if what they had heard about comfrey’s healing properties were true. This little boy was facing excruciating skin grafting, drugs, scarring, nerve damage and a very long recovery process but his parents went against Doctor’s orders and followed their hearts. They used a Burn Paste recipe that Dr. Christopher created and within a week the healing process had significantly improved and within a month he was pain free with little to no inflammation and beautiful new skin growing in all on its own. I have healed many scrapes, burns, bruises, sores and bumps with comfrey. You will always find comfrey in my herbal first aid kit! For more information on comfrey or other herbs that you should have in your first aid kits contact me at

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