Burn Paste


1 cup raw honey

4 oz. comfrey root extract

*Make sure it is in a base of vegetable glycerin and not alcohol as alcohol will irritate the burned skin*

4 oz. wheat germ oil

*Make sure that you only use organic or wildcrafted herbs*


How to create:

Mix together and store in a mason jar. This home remedy will live happily for years in a dark cupboard:)

How to use:

Apply the burn paste to the burned skin and wrap. Make sure that you separate toes and fingers as they will stick together. Be sure to let air get to the wound at least once a day and never wipe off the burn paste, just apply more each time. Once you feel like this remedy has soaked into the skin apply more. You can apply the burn paste as many times as needed.

Dr. Christopher’s Recipe

Contact me at utahherbalist@gmail.com or visit my website www.utahherbalist.com for more information on the burn paste or to set up a consultation. You can also read an informative article written on the healing properties of comfrey here.

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