Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Allergies!

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Allergies!
Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Allergies, by Sarah Dobson, Certified Herbalist, Certified Nutritionist, Reiki Master and Teacher!
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What causes allergies?

Spring comes and a lot of people get itchy, watery eyes, tickling noses and scratchy throats. This happens when our immune systems are working overtime. When we eat things like pasta, (most) breads, pastries, dairy, eggs, meat and sugar it creates excess mucus in the body and constipates the bowels. When our bowels are constipated the toxins in our fecal matter are reabsorbed into the bloodstream and they find the weak areas in the body to accumulate. Excess mucus in the body keeps our macrophage cells from thriving in the mucus membrane, thus making us susceptible to bacteria and viruses. It also causes nasal congestion, throat congestion and congestion in the ears, which can then lead to an ear ache or ear infection. This excess mucus is the main culprit for allergies and asthma.

How to combat allergies naturally?

Once you start eating raw fruits, vegetables, whole grains (soaked), nuts and seeds, and use herbs that heal your body, your allergy symptoms will be alleviated. For most people it takes about one year to completely rid their bodies of all allergies.

Example of how natural remedies can eliminate symptoms.

I got rid of my daughters severe cat allergies by completely changing her diet and giving her herbs to rid her body of excess mucus, support and heal her lungs, and calm her immune system. We now have five cats!

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