History of Herbs
Herbs have been used for healing for millions of years, and the knowledge has been passed down from person to person. Cavemen and women were buried with the healing herbs surrounding their bodies. Documents about herbs and their uses were found in the ancient pyramids and passed on to the Greeks, then to the Romans. Herbs are mentioned all throughout the Bible among many other sacred text. The Druids were among the first to utilize herbs in religious rights. Monks knew how to grow, harvest, and use herbs for healing. They kept records of their uses and properties, and opened some of the first hospitals where they used these plants in a scientific way.
Every plant tree, shrub and flower is an herb. Each has a well spring of healing properties; many still awaiting our discovery.
Scientists continue to study herbs properties, yet herbalists have long known their uses because of the information that has been passed down to them.
Most people think herbal healing is too complicated. What they don’t realize is that they are being affected by herbs on a daily basis. At least 75% of all pharmaceuticals come from herbs. The difference is that a scientist has isolated the properties from a plant and put it into pill form along with many other harsh chemicals.The reason why using an herb in its whole form is essential, is because our bodies need the other phytochemicals to assimilate the vitamins and minerals. For example, our bodies must have the proper balance of phosphorus, silica, and magnesium for calcium to be absorbed. The only way to do this is to consume herbs such as red raspberry leaves, kale, and horsetail grass. Which all contain the perfect balance of phosphorus, silica, magnesium and calcium. Isolating chemicals from a plant is dangerous and causes vitamin and mineral deficiencies and overdoses.
We have gained so many valuable tools from the Native Americans. Their vast and innate knowledge about herbs continues to be life saving to this day. They taught the first English settlers how to use herbs such as Milkweed. Milkweed is still used to this day to treat poison ivy, ringworm, and many other skin ailments. The down from this amazing plant was used to stuff life jackets in World War II, because of it’s insulating properties. It is also considered a food, yet is sprayed, cut down and destroyed wherever it is found.
If herbal healing becomes important to people then they will feel more connected to Mother Earth. They will value our natural resources and not take them for granted. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear! We are all teachers and every action we take impacts our Earth and the people around us.
If you are interested in some ancient healing recipes you can find them here.
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Sarah Dobson
Certified Herbalist
Nutritional Herbalist
Reiki Master, Teacher

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