The Healing Powers of Juicing

The Healing Powers of Juicing

Are you juicing everyday? We all need a little boost after the long winters here in Utah. Now that it is Spring we have a much larger variety of organic produce that we can enjoy. Spring is the perfect time to give up those foods that only weigh you down and start eating all the gifts that Mother Nature has provided.

One of the most cleansing and healing ways to consume our fresh fruits and vegetables is to juice them. By juicing we are receiving the chlorophyll in the plants, which is basically plant blood. The second we chew these juices the chlorophyll detoxifies, nourishes and builds our blood, acting like a blood transfusion. It is very important that we drink our solids and chew our liquids. What I mean by this is that when drinking juices (especially fresh ones) we must chew them by swishing them around in our mouths before swallowing. When you drink juices slowly and chew them, the saliva mixes with it, providing the same natural digestive enzymes we get when we chew our food. Otherwise, drinking juices too quickly can cause diarrhea and even nausea sometimes. Drinking solids means that we must chew our food into a more liquid like consistency before swallowing. That way we receive and utilize all the essential vitamins and minerals. Here is a list of some essential vitamins and minerals and their sources:

Vitamin A Food sources: red, yellow and orange bell peppers, broccoli, cantaloupe, spinach, dandelion greens and carrots.

Healing for: eyes, skin, lungs, bones, kidneys, gallbladder, hair, skin and mucous membrane.

Vitamin B-1 Food sources: garlic, watermelon, peas, parsley, asparagus, dandelion greens and kale.

Healing for: the heart, liver, digestion, edema, fatigue and depression. It is also essential for the functioning of the heart, muscles and nervous system.

Vitamin C Food sources: kale, parsley, watercress, spinach, grapefruit, limes, beets, broccoli and green bell peppers.

Healing for: gums, teeth and infections. This vitamin plays a significant role as an antioxidant, thereby protecting body tissue from the damage of oxidation. Antioxidants protect cells from free radicals, which contribute to cardiovascular disease and cancer. It is also great for anti aging.

Vitamin D Food sources: mushrooms and sunshine!

Healing for: teeth and bones. Vitamin D is vital to the human body because it promotes the absorption of calcium and magnesium. Ten to fifteen minutes a day of sunshine is ideal. We just want to be sure to work slowly up to that amount so that we do not damage the skin.

Vitamin E Food sources: green leaves, apples, bananas, blackberries and kiwis.

Healing for: body tissue that has been damaged by oxidation. It is very important in the formation of red blood cells along with vitamin k.

Vitamin K Food sources: All dark leafy green vegetables (cruciferous vegetables)

Healing for: bones and essential for clotting of the blood. It also regulates calcium and activates proteins involved in bone health.

Calcium Food sources: spinach, broccoli, peas, carrots, oranges, limes, strawberries, apples, grapes and peaches.

Healing for: insomnia and helps regulate the passage of nutrients through cell walls. If we are deficient in calcium our cell walls will weaken, our blood won’t clot and our nerves won’t carry messages to one another.

Iron Food sources: seaweed, carrots, kale, celery, apples, beets, strawberries, melons and spinach.

Healing for: brain, bones and muscle function. Infants, adolescent girls and pregnant women are more at risk for Iron deficiency. It can affect the immune system and cause weakness and fatigue.

Magnesium Food sources: green leafy vegetables, beets, parsley, kale, garlic, broccoli, carrots, pineapples, celery, sweet potatoes, squash, strawberries and oranges.

Healing for: nerves and muscles, clotting blood, energy production. Magnesium also assists in the absorption of calcium, potassium and vitamin C. A deficiency may cause insomnia, heart problems, fatigue, nervousness, high blood pressure and osteoporosis.

*Here are a few of my favorite juicing recipes that I created. I hope that you enjoy them as much as my family does!

Blood cleansing juice Carrot/apple 3 carrots to 5 apples

Tummy Soothe Apple/ginger root/spinach 6 apples, a hand full of spinach and 1 inch cube ginger root

Sunshine Apple/strawberries/lime 3 apples, 10 strawberries, 1/2lime without peel

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