The Wheels of Your Life’s Bicycle

The Wheels of Your Life’s Bicycle

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There is a wonderful quote by Albert Einstein that goes like this,

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

This quote incorporates a lot about the idea behind Life Coaching. It also has a way of putting life into perspective, don’t you think?

Whenever I meet a client for the first time, I tend to gravitate toward a tool called a Wheel of Balance. It’s a simple little tool that always leads me to think of good ol’ Albert’s analogy in great detail.

I picture a spring day full of chirping birds, blue skies, and flowery fields. I imagine the wheels to be the balancing force for both the bicycle and the person riding it. I see the client getting on the bike, bringing this wonderful devise to life. I also view myself being like the gears, having the ability to motivate continuous movement throughout any grassy hillside.


Sam Catanzaro

Sam Catanzaro

The Wheel of Balance is a great foundational way to look at life in its entirety, and to see things in a new perspective. It looks just like the wheels on an antique bicycle, spokes and all:

...some guy Flowizm/flickr
…some guyFlowizm/flickr
The spokes represent a pie chart way of categorizing life topics.

wheel of balance

In a coaching session, using this tool, we usually begin with a few steps:

  • We start off with some basic life topics (Family/Friends, Money, Health, Career/Life Purpose, Spiritual Alignment, etc…)


  • We customize the wheel based on which categories play a role in your life right now, while incorporating topics that are important for the future.


  • We bring in an element of creativity by rating and coloring the wheel to fit what your life looks like today, in this very moment.


  • Finally, we get to the good stuff…taking action!


This is the point in the session where you decide what actions you would like to take to bring more balance into your life. It’s the part where you hop on your bike, start riding, and click the gears to continue moving through the pathway of your life. For me, it is a wonderful moment to be a part of.

So…I’m curious, what actions are you ready to take to bring more balance into your life?

Umberto Brayj ubrayj02/flickr

Umberto Brayjubrayj02/flickr

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