The Svadhisthana (Sacral) Chakra

The Svadhisthana (Sacral) Chakra

The Sacral Chakra represents the mother, and feminine energy. Swa pronounced Sva means soul or essence, adhisthana means seat or home. We all started life in the womb of our mothers, thus we are always tied to her femininity. The location of this chakra is the sacral plexus, which is between our belly button and the pubic bone, as well as the base of our spine. In relation to the chakra system it is the beginning of our vertebra. This complex combination of bones, nerves and blood vessels needs to be treated very delicately in relation to our yoga practice. This area is easily injured, because the bones are so close together and intertwined with many nerves and blood vessels.
 The color of this chakra is orange. A vibrant color related to our emotions. When we are filled with joy and peace, it spills over coloring those around us with its beautiful orange light. But, it can also be filled with negative emotions, causing discoloration and blocks in that chakra.

In the Hindu religion, the color orange is associated with death. Not just death of the physical body, but death to the painful things that we are attached to. According to Hindu beliefs, in order to achieve an enlightened state of being, we need to detach ourselves from these reactions. When releasing this chakra through yoga, we release painful memories and situations that have held us captive. We allow them to leave us, while at the same time feeling all the emotions and learning from the lessons that they teach us.

Water is the element that is associated with this chakra. It governs emotion. The astrological sign is Cancer, which rules emotion and fertility. Emotions are the hardest thing to become unattached to. But, without anger we would never know compassion. Without sadness we would never know happiness. When we allow ourselves to feel it, it washes over us and through us like water going down a drain. From this point the emotions are then absorbed and transmuted by mother earth.

This chakra also rules the sensual body. It allows us to open up emotionally, to trust, and be vulnerable with a person, intimately and physically. It reflects our confidence, or lack of, in relation to how comfortable we feel in our bodies.

The Sacral Chakra rules our communication skills, as well as reproduction and instinct. This chakra is activated more intensely at times where our sense of self evolves. When the sacral chakra is in balance, we feel secure, our relationships blossom, and our emotions are in balance. We feel creative, patient, and we trust our gut feelings, knowing they won’t lead us astray. Our sexual energy is in balance. We are secure in that sexuality and our bodies, no matter how they look or feel.

If this chakra is blocked we may suffer from a plethora of symptoms. These symptoms include, substance abuse problems, using alcohol, sex, or over eating to fill an emotional void. These emotions can create physical blocks in our bodies as well. Our elimination systems may shut down, leading to many adverse health conditions. The Sacral Chakra is called the life’s breath center. Keeping it in balance and open, will give us strength, health, confidence, and most importantly balance.

To help bring your Sacral Chakra to balance, visualize the color orange, and chant in the key of D, “vam”, or simply “O”. Using crystals such as, moonstones, garnet, carnelian, amber, citrine, and rose quartz, can assist in opening of this chakra. Essential oils that stimulate this chakra are, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Rose oil, and Ylang-ylang. If you are unsure how to use these please contact me, or an energetic healer with your questions.

Yoga is a wonderful way of bringing your chakra’s into balance. The Yoga Asana’s for this chakra are listed below. I invite all of the Mystic Mix Community to set up a private consultation for your personalized yoga routine. If you are a practiced yogi you should have no trouble introducing these postures into your regular practice. If you’re a beginner I invite you to set up a private consultation with me to start your yoga path today. Do not attempt these postures if you are unsure of them. It is best to talk to someone that has experience, and can show you how to properly to prevent injury.

Contact me through my personal page and set up your consultation today.

Yoga Asana: Cobra Pose, Cow Face Pose, Triangle, The Twist, Goddess or supported Goddess Pose, Pigeon Pose, Lateral Angle Pose, and Pose of Shiva.

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