The Cosmic Stage

Venus is highlighted this month as she prepares for a new 584-day cycle in the sign
of Capricorn. On January 17th, she will rise in the east with the Sun, giving birth to
the next phase of integration of the Goddess, the feminine principle, into the collective
psyche of our world.

Her preparation for this cosmic event is preceded by a retrograde cycle as she
pauses for review. Common experiences of Venus retrograde include revisiting past
relationships, financial issues, and what we value.

In Capricorn, the Goddess is also providing an opportunity for us all to deeply examine
what truly sustains us, what is our responsibility or response ability, how are we taking
authority and being the author of our lives, what and how have we contributed to making
the world a better place through our commitment, dedication and actions to our family
and community?

Capricorn is a cardinal sign, so the energy is about initiating and taking action.
Represented by the goat climbing the mountain, Capricorn needs a goal to work toward.
It needs to produce something tangible. It needs to build a lasting structure.
Taking time to review where we have come from and making an honest assessment
about where we are now, gives us the necessary insight and clarity to re-vision where it
is we want to go and what we want to accomplish in this next cycle of Venus.

© Holly Alexander 2014

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