The Cosmic Stage

I know that the spades are the swords of a soldier
I know that the clubs are weapons of war
I know that diamonds mean money for this art
But that’s not the shape of my heart ~Sting

Mars, representing the masculine principle in Shamanic Astrology, turns retrograde today, March 2nd, entering the metamorphosis stage of his new synodic cycle in Libra beginning on April 8th. If you look into the sky on that evening, as the ancients did tracking planetary cycles, you will see Mars at his closest point with the Earth, rising in the East at sunset, a bright and brilliant red star.

The world Mars begins a new cycle on the collective stage roughly every 26 months, embarking on a Warrior’s Journey and Hero’s Quest through the archetypal expression of a sign. His journey/quest takes him through many phases of development and trials as he endeavors to work with this expression of masculinity and integrate it on a deeper level.

Libra is not a solo act. The sign as expressed through the masculine and the feminine is concerned with relationships and values the self-discovery that comes from being with another. Of negotiating, working things out, taking another into consideration. Principled, a cheerleader of justice, seeker of balance, truth, fairness and peace are a few among many of the high ideals found in this sign.

From my Libran perspective, the planet is in dire need of a quantum shift in consciousness. In how we treat each other. We need more movement from the pervasive egocentric, self-centered and self-serving focus. From the “I” to the “We.” From the unfathomable atrocities creating horrible suffering. As we are in the dreaming phase between now and the 8th, let’s plant a seed that the collective will use this Mars to create a better, more loving world with respect and dignity for all beings.

For now…as we dream the dream onward, here’s a little treat and message from my favorite musician, Sting, Sun and Moon in Libra and a Jack of Hearts : )

© Holly Alexander 2014

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