The Cosmic Stage

The Nodes of the Moon are moving into the Libra/Aries axis on February 19th, where they will stay until November 2015. In Shamanic Astrology, my orientation, the Nodal axis is viewed as a time track with the South Node representing an origination point and the North Node, a place of destination.

The Lunar Nodes cannot be seen in the sky because they are an intersection of two planes. However, they were highly significant to ancient astrologers who observed and tracked the movements of planets because their cycles create eclipses. The Nodes stay in a sign for approximately a year and a half, and return to that sign every 18.6 years.

Next stop, Libraland. Our collective destiny place.

With transiting Mars now in the same sign for over 7 months versus his usual 6 weeks, we’re getting an extra boost of energy, drive and focus to help us move away from the regressive past, the shadow side of Aries (in a nutshell, Me, Mine, My Way) into cooperation, taking others into consideration, holding space for viewpoints different than ours and seeing the possible value in that, working in partnership, desiring what’s fair and equal for all, compromise, and bringing the scales into balance.

As a side, if you have personal planets or angles in the late degrees of Libra, this is an incredibly important time for you. I’d be happy to schedule a consultation to assist you in participating with this magical cycle!

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