The Power of Language

What is the power of language? Language is the architecture of creation. When we feel the meaning in each and every word we speak, that is when manifestation happens. The seed trinity of consciousness is thought, word, and feelings. This trinity manifests our entire reality. As we think in our hearts, so are we. Life and death are in the power of the tongue. By our words we are justified, by our words we are condemned. Our sub-conscious mind is literal, so what ever we think and speak, it agrees and acts accordingly.

If we say “I can’t and it’s hard”, then our sub-conscious mind says o.k. , and produces “I can’t and it’s hard” in our reality. If we use grandiose statements like: “They always do this to me”, “I will never achieve my dreams”, or “My whole life has been this way and it will never change. That is just the way it is” then creation will manifest those conditions. By using always, never and other words such as these, our sub-conscious mind will once again continually manifest those experiences for us, because we have decreed it so. All of this power starts with our thoughts. We can choose to think positive or negative thoughts. Depending on the thoughts we continuously have, this will produce the kind of words we speak. Whatever kind of language patterns we use, whether that be positive or negative, then produces the feelings we experience. This can be a beneficial pattern, or a destructive pattern. That is why the thoughts we have, and the words we speak, are so important to our happiness. Especially the words we speak to ourselves, and to one another, because words produce things. When “bad” thoughts do occur, we can choose not to act upon those thoughts and recognize those negative patterns, and choose not to project or use harsh words. Then those thoughts have no power, because they were not spoken aloud.

By changing one or two words we can experience miracles in our lives. Manifestation happens quickly, and we can change our entire trajectory of patterns that may be occurring in our lives. That is why positive affirmations, positive self talk, meditation, prayer and journaling have such a positive affect for us in achieving our goals in life. That is also why it is also important to find like minded individuals and communities to partner with, so we gain the support we require to build loving, safe and secure environments for us to thrive in.

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