The Power of Imagination and Goal Setting

The Power of Imagination and Goal Setting

The Power of Imagination and Your Goals

The power of imagination is extremely powerful and conscious language and thoughts play a huge role in creating our realities. It is important to listen to our word and thought patterns so they work in our favor.

I believe there is no right and wrong, only choices, with rewards and consequences. With that in mind it is important to take our past choices as lessons, so that we are constantly in a state of reward. Things in your past that you may think of as things that were done to you, you must forgive and accept them as personal lessons as well. This does not make abuse or other things right, but it lets you own them as lessons and let go of any negativity that has attached itself to you over the years. Shift your language so that it is positive not just toward others but most importantly toward yourself. How do you talk to yourself? Be aware and stay fully present. Do not make any negative self talk wrong just shift it into the positive. For example, instead of calling yourself fat or stating that you need to lose weight, envision yourself as fit and comfortable, loving your new body.

Progress from your goal already achieved, not toward it. Choose your goals and imagine so deeply with all your senses that you feel them already obtained. Imagine now that you have your goal, what are you seeing? Feeling? Hearing? Smelling? The power of imagination helps us utilize the law of attraction and your goals are easily obtained. Get as detailed as possible and have fun with this! Make vividly your wish your reality.

One of my personal goals is traveling and experiencing different parts of the world. I envision myself in these places and look at actual pictures to make this easy for me to see myself there. I imagine who is there with me, activities we are doing, what it sounds like, smells like, foods we are tasting and enjoying. One of my favorite quotes I refer to for this goal is “To travel is the privilege not of the rich but of the imaginative.”

Once you have imagined yourself vividly what your heart is already aligned with, start with that outcome and work backwards. I do this with a tool I love to teach all my clients called mind mapping. It is a fun and easy tool of writing down on branches things that are happening. I do this for so many parts of my life. A great example I did this with was creating the wedding of my dreams this last year. I had wedding be my center and used branches to list things that were going to be at my wedding. My wedding had everything my heart desired, plus some, even on a small budget. I still receive compliments from friends and family that it was the most unique, and amazing ceremony and celebration they have been to.

Imagination is part of our consciousness. Get into areas with imagination that are new to you with no personal history. Imagine you were just put into your body brand new. With all the capabilities we have what would you be doing? What does it look like with you doing that? Who is with you? Give yourself permission to make this fun and easy! Embody your new self fully. Forgive all personal history that comes up and re-create it to your ideal. Do not worry about how to do it right just learn and create, just like a baby does when they enter this world. In the bible it states I have ways ye know not of and they are beyond finding out. Therefore do not worry about the how, just create it. It really is that simple!

If you are interested in learning more of these techniques to make all your hearts desires come true. Contact me I love sharing my gifts, as we all deserve to live the life we are here to live fully.

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