Osho Zen Tarot Card of the Week – “Guidance”

Osho Zen Tarot Card of the Week – “Guidance”

“Guidance” is the Osho Zen Tarot Card of the Week for September 8 – 14, 2014

Meaning of the Card : You have to look for guidance because you don’t know your inner guide is hidden inside you. You have to find the inner guide, and that’s what I call your witness. That’s what I call your dharma, that’s what I call your intrinsic buddha.

buddha statue You have to awaken that buddha and your life will shower blessings, benediction. Your life will become so radiant with good, with godliness, more than you can possibly conceive.

It is almost like light. Your room is dark, just bring light in. Even a small candle will do, and the whole darkness disappears. And once you have a candle you know where the door is.

You don’t have to think about it: “Where is the door?” Only blind people think about where the door is.People who have eyes and the light is there, they don’t think.

Have you ever thought, “Where is the door?” You simply get up and go out. You never give a single thought to where the door is. You don’t start groping for the door or hitting your head against the wall. You simply see, and there is not even a flicker of thought. You simply go out.

Commentary on the Card : The angelic figure with rainbow-colored wings on this card represents the guide Guidance that each of us carries within.

Like the second figure in the back-ground, we may some-times be a little reluctant to trust this guide when it comes to us, because we are so accustomed to taking our cues from the outside rather than from the inside.

The truth of your own deepest being is trying to show you where to go right now, and when this card appears it means you can trust the inner guidance you are being given.

It speaks in whispers, and sometimes we can hesitate, not knowing if we have understood rightly.

But the indications are clear: in following the inner guide you will feel more whole, more integrated, as if you are moving outwards from the very center of your being. If you go with it, this beam of light will carry you exactly where you need to go.


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