Muladhara – The Root Chakra

Muladhara – The Root Chakra

I went to a Spiritual Retreat led by Candace Kunze a few years ago. While sitting with my fellow lady friends in a drum circle doing a drumming meditation, I saw an Indian man in my mind’s eye. I don’t know if he lived there, or if he was one of my spirit guides, but that is when I felt an energy bubbling at the bottom of my sacrum, and then rise, traveling up through my spin and out the top of my head. It gave me chills at it rose through my body. When I shared my experience with Candace, she said with a gleeful smile, “you had a kundalini rising”! She proceeded to tell me on the car ride back to reality how awesome and powerful a rising can be, and that my life would now change drastically. Well it did, and this journey has been so amazing, and I continue to learn every day. What does this have to do with the Root Chakra, or Muladhara? Well the Root Chakra is this place where your sleeping snake lies still. This place also known as The Seat of Destiny. Ancient wisdom says your destiny lies sleeping, and is waiting to be awoken, to be cleansed in the light of cosmic consciousness.

The Muladhara is the first of 7 body chakra system. If you seek the peace of cosmic consciousness, this is the place you must first meditate upon, to awaken your Kundalini. This chakra is located at the bottom of the coccyx or sacrum, and it is both feminine with the Kundalini Goddess, and masculine with the God Ganesh, the symbol of prosperity, and good fortune. Ganesh helps us deal with this life, but if you ever buy a statue of Ganesh, pay attention to which direction his trunk sits. One is for good fortune in this life, the other will assist one in renouncing the 3rd dimensional world, we are all a part of. Kundalini energy is very powerful. Its picture is one of two snakes coiling up thorough all the chakras, and biting one another at the third eye. A kundalini rising is nothing to be afraid of, but nothing to be taken lightly either. It’s powerful energetic affect will change every aspect of your life. Other gods that are associated with the root chakra are Brahma Lord of Creation, he has 4 heads to symbolize he can not only see in the four directions, but that he is all-knowing. His consort is Dakini embodies the revelation of Divine Knowledge, and the nectar of life. The symbol of the Root Chakra has four points representing the four directions, North, South, East, and West. Some have an elephant with seven trunks, that represent the seven levels of consciousness. These are the unconsciousness, sub consciousness, dream consciousness, waking consciousness, astral consciousness, supreme consciousness, and cosmic consciousness.

The Root Chakra is our auric recycling bin. If not properly cleansed, we will recycle the same waste over and over. That energy will be held there throughout many lives, until it is completely cleared. That is why some believe, that it is so important to awaken your snake properly, and cleanse the energy that has been sitting there for lifetimes. Some say, why awaken the snake, in order to achieve cosmic consciousness? We must first cleanse every aspect of ourselves, to seek the gifts that ultimate awareness brings.

The Muladhara chakra is the gateway from this life to that of cosmic consciousness. It helps us be a part of this world and function in society. It is associated with the color red, that illuminates sexual energy, and our need for survival, and stability. We function from this place when we are babies, relying 100% on other human beings for our basic necessities. So when an imbalance occurs, one can feel very insecure, and vulnerable. You may feel that your emotions are out of control, or you feel unrested. You can also be too open in this chakra, resulting in feelings of low energy. An energetic healer can help you with all imbalances in your chakra system.

A few yoga poses that are good for the balancing the Root Chakra are Triangle, Eagle, and Warrior I. A crystal that is good for calming the Root Chakra is Emerald, and for activating is Carnelian. Holding both stones in your hands while meditating, can bring balance to your divine throne. Also, if you are feeling that your prana is blocked and not flowing properly, you can do what is called a Mula Bandha or Root Lock. For this practice, you simply sit in a comfortable position. For 10 seconds at a time, you contract your anal sphincter, which automatically contracts your sex organs, creating a downward flow of energy. This practice pushes blockages out of the chakra, so prana, or energy can rise up the chakra channel. Repeat this process as many times you feel is necessary, to feel the balancing and grounding effects of this excercise.

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