Co-Dependence into Co-Empowerment

My choice is to discuss briefly the disease of co-dependence. So many people think co-dependence is applicable only in terms of relationships with spouses, this is untrue. The definition of co-dependence is anytime our happiness and contentment is dependent upon another person, place, condition, or thing. Therefore it applies to many life situations.


Co-dependence is strongly influenced by our society. It is influenced by parenting, government/politics, marketing, entertainment, professions, relationships, education, church, sports, and medicine. All of us have some sort of co-dependence going on in our lives. It is important for us to find these patterns of co-dependence so we can transform them and make new agreements into self empowerment. When we go to our inner source and call forth what we choose, and receive what we choose, our outer world will reflect what we have claimed within. I believe it is so important to periodically search ourselves for these co-dependent patterns so we can transform them. The outcome of transforming these co-dependent choices into co-empowerment is a great feeling and experience of love, pride, joy, respect, health, fulfillment, clarity, partnership, forgiveness, and life from within and around ourselves.


An example of co-dependence is the feeling of lack or that you do not have enough. That you need more of “something” whether that be money, toys, love, whatever it may be for you. This is a Huge co-dependence many people have. To lack is impossible, everything we need is already inside of us. When we truly recognize these past agreements and find their source we can transform them into our ideal life. Often times when we feel lack it is not really just wanting to have more of “something” but it is about you not giving yourself your true value. Therefore instead of working on having more of whatever it is you think you need; work on truly loving and accepting all that you are. We are all invaluable infinite beings on this earth not to just live but to THRIVE!


Discover the other than conscious agreements that you have made about how to live life to this point. If these are not your highest choice transform and replace them with new agreements. Make sure they align with your hearts true desire. You will completely transform the miraculous, joyous, life you are here to enjoy!


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