Channeling…Let us clear Space to Download

Channeling…Let us clear Space to Download

Channeling is a process of opening, like a vessel, to become a “hollow-bone.” It creates space needed to bring light and information from a source of pure potential. Receiving and refining this energy can bring guidance and answers to endless unanswered questions, whether it be messages from past loved ones, the unconscious, or the collective. During a Channeling session I invite energy that is creative and expansive in support of the highest good.

My awareness as a Channeler has led me to the belief that we are all creators, and that we are continuously manifesting our personal experience. Through this awareness it has become vital to my practice to be clear on what kind of energy flow, direction, and intention I or my client desires to create the reality in alignment for the highest good. When channelling I have found that when a direct question is asked, in relation to road blocks for example, investigating into our perceptions leads to clear answers. This process can be very valuable for the person/spirit in question in removing those road blocks, exposing the unconscious resistance, and opening path ways with ease and grace.

All emotions create an energy current, and it is the awareness of these emotions and currents that is crucial to healing and our experience of life. The exploration into beliefs of Self is also necessary when we are creating what we truly desire. It is my clear intention to open a safe and loving space where together we can unfold the hidden ideas about “Self” that may be holding us in an idle state, as well as find answers to your deepest questions.

Channeling has provided many opportunities for me to witness transformation and empowerment first hand. It is both humbling and sacred work, and I am honored to create sacred space for this to occur. Set up a session with me today, and we will set forth on your path of transformation.

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