“I Am Awake” Spritzer

“I Am Awake” Spritzer

I Am Awake Spritzer is made with eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon essential oils. These oils are beneficial for rejuvenation, clarity, concentration, balance, awareness, regeneration and vibrancy. All of our spritzers are in a base of distilled water because that is waters purest form.

All products by Mystic Creations are handcrafted, organic, and made with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils. A portion of all proceeds are donated to Operation Underground Railroad(O.U.R.) and the Wildlife Conservation Network.

Uses for Mystic Creations Spritzers:

Air freshener for bathrooms, bedrooms, pillows, furniture, sleeping bags, tents, shoes and cars
All natural perfume
To improve concentration
To reduce anxiety
To uplift mood
Perfect for gifts
Contributes to good causes
Healthy for humans, animals and the environment!



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