Astrological Update: The Power Path

Astrological Update: The Power Path


January 2, 2015
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Full Moon is Sunday, January 4 at 9:53PM Mountain Standard Time (MST).This full moon is a real recipe for activation on many levels.

Beware of potential conflict when differences in opinion are activated and beware of blame that can occur around personal disappointments. If you find yourself in anger or argument, shift towards a neutral discussion. If you find yourself irritated or impatient, move that feeling towards acceptance and just “let it go”. If you find yourself lethargic or depressed or strangely emotional, move toward gratitude and anything that raises your frequency.

This is a perfect full moon to activate something new, something big, something prosperous and something you desire for yourself. Pick an intention and ask to receive the right ingredients that will activate this new and fabulous dream. Spend the day in a way that is meaningful to you in the bigger picture even if you have to compromise someone else’s wishes in the process.

Because the day is so potent energetically, it would be best to limit external chaos and unnecessary activity as much as you can.



Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

Cancer Full Moon

Sun in Capricorn ~ Moon in Cancer 14º

Sunday, January 4, 2015 9:53 PM Mountain Time

(Monday, January 5, 4:53 AM Greenwich Mean Time)

Cosmic forces must find us worthy as it has arranged a powerful Full Moon to begin the cycle after Solstice. The Sun moving through Capricorn has Saturn as ruler and this combo is a straight arrow to manifesting in the physical plane. Capricorn is the responsible, disciplined part of ourselves (thanks to Saturn’s influence), the determined and industrious aspect that knows the value of restraint and persistence to build structure and predictability for the long haul. Capricorn rules those highly structured entities like government and business enterprises and corporations. Capricorn values success, achievement, authority and Saturn bestows a cautious, frugal conservative quality. So, okay, they don’t sound like the most fun sign in the group (although they are known for their wry and raucous sense of humor), but just try holding your life or any enterprise together without some of these backbone-building qualities of Capricorn. Executives know to choose a focused earth sign for their Chief Financial Officer.

Who is traveling within 1º of the Capricorn Sun?

Pluto. Pluto who has been traveling in Capricorn since 2008 and hasn’t been in that sign for 242 years, so it has been exposing some seriously deep shadowy practices in government and business. In addition, Vesta joins the Sun and Pluto bringing a feminine element of truth, commitment and witness to bringing the misuse of Capricorn power back into balance.

What the Full Moon chart contains is a powerful Grand Cross configuration composed of the Capricorn Sun opposite Full Moon in Cancer 14º crossing the axis of the North and South Nodes in Libra/Aries 14º. Pluto and Vesta align with the Sun; Uranus aligns with the South Node giving strength and license to the Pluto/Uranus square that we have been grappling with since 2012. More energizing of the transformation/revolution themes we are now very familiar with collectively and personally. Uranus is challenging us all to awaken and break free from the old ways of self-serving, Aries-ruled aggression. The North Node in Libra is pointing us towards balanced reason, cooperation, and justice and is at odds with our ceaseless Capricorn view of only the bottom line and our fearful emotional separation from Spirit. This configuration will still be active at New Moon although reduced to a T-Square as the Moon in Cancer moves on her way. Full Moon will activate crisis and turning point events. The Nodes are the axis of our learning and growth while releasing what is carried over from the past.

With a Grand Square the energy is very locked in to itself, the four corners opposing or tensely in crisis formation (squares) with each other, so one has to look for other outlets of this very heated energy. Chiron seems to be playing this role offering a way to constructively use this extremely dynamic energy. Chiron in Pisces 13º trines (ease) the Moon in Cancer and is the apex of a Finger of God formation with the North Node and Juno. Chiron suggests we can bridge the known and the unknown; we can integrate new levels of consciousness that will move us toward feelings of wholeness within our psyches. With Juno, asteroid of committed relationship, in a prominent position, she calls in the further balancing of the patriarchal extremes as a way to channel and direct these strong, crisis oriented energies of the Full Moon chart. A Finger of God formation requires adjustment to disparate energies, but ultimately we are catalyzed into direct alignment with Spirit. Let the dance of your commitments/relationships be your teacher.

With the Moon Full in her own sign of watery Cancer, a highly emotional, nurturing and receptive feminine sign, and standing in an activating position in forming the Grand Square, you can expect the activation of emotional energy you have been holding on to and that needs to be expressed to maintain flow in your life. Now is a perfect time to express your needs and also your appreciation. Watch and receive messages from the unconscious at this time. Watch with a dragon’s eye what is presenting itself to you. Release of childhood conditioning, issues of mothering, insecurities, deep family patterns, or old habits may be triggered – all Moon related.

A powerful initiation to the New Year is offered. Use the gifts of Pallas Athena traveling with Saturn freshly in Sagittarius (Dec 23) to clearly visualize your goals in your mind’s eye and take those mountain climbing steps to tangibly bring them into your life. Look up, lift your eyes to the horizon expanding your vision. Empowerment is what we gain when we take responsibility (Saturn) for creating the life we want.

01/20 Aquarius Super New Moon 0º 6:13 AM Mountain

01/21 Mercury retrograde until Feb 11

02/03 Leo Full Moon 14º 4:09 PM Mountain Time

Written by Patricia Liles. Contact her at

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