Mandi Thomas, Psychic Medium, Reader/Intuitive Guide

Mandi is a Psychic Medium, Reader/Intuitive Guide

mandi-thomasAbout Me

Mandi is a Psychic Medium, Reader and Intuitive Guide for everyone she assists.  Mandi has journeyed through many experiences, related to her gifts. They all continue to raise her awareness, awaken her gifts, and strengthen her connection to source. While practicing many different modalities, the Piquet deck has become one of Mandi’s favorite methods for channeling. Her hope and intention as a Reader is to deliver information that will assist you in your own personal spiritual journey.  During a session she often provides tools to help guide the flow of energy in the direction you desire.


Where Mandi’s heart says “Go” she goes. When starting a session, she is open to all information, that is in alignment with the highest good.  She reads Soul Cards, Piquet Deck, Channels, and often times experiences clairvoyance, and many unique forms of receiving and delivering information.  Mandi has noticed that at times it is as simple as a few words from a classic film, that is the key to shift perspective.

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