Lauren Ashley ~ Marketing Director of Mystic Mix

Lauren is the Marketing Director, Principal Content Writer/Editor, and Brand Developer for Mystic Mix

Lauren AshleyAbout Lauren Ashley

Lauren Ashley is a professional blogger, content writer and brand developer. Her passion for writing started at a very young age when she would always make it a priority to keep a journal. It wasn’t until she started writing in junior high and high school, and receiving awards, that she began taking her skill more seriously. She studied English and Literature at an east coast liberal arts college, and by her mid-twenties she began finding ways to write professionally while waiting tables.

Besides doing freelance work for artists, musicians, and friends, Lauren’s first professional gig was SLUG Magazine where she wrote (and still writes) for the action sports genre. Lauren believes that if you’re a “writer” then you should be able to write about anything. Because of that, her writing spans all across the board – from sports and finance to her work at Mystic Mix.

Lauren is also a savvy business woman. She comes from a family of entrepreneurs where she has helped each of her siblings, at one point or another, develop their businesses by working, managing, or writing for them. Being in the food industry for 10 years and working directly with her brothers – one brother a professional Chef, the other a businessman – ignited a love for cuisine and dining. At one time Lauren was on the brink of opening her own restaurant. Instead fate took a turn, and she began writing marketing content for the financial firm, Paradigm Life. Now, Lauren is privileged to be working with Candace (who is an amazing friend and Medicine Woman) as they build Mystic Mix.

“Our goal with Mystic Mix is to provide holistic practitioners and individuals the opportunity to happily engage with one another for healing and wellness.”

Please contact me with questions about Mystic Mix, writing, or marketing. I love engaging with individuals who are passionate about what they do!

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