Amanda Terrell, Certified Life Coach

Amanda is a Certified Life Coach and studied at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (ICF, IAC, & ACCET accredited), where she completed her Life Coaching program.

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Amanda is a Certified Life Coach and studied at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts (ICF, IAC, & ACCET accredited), where she completed her Life Coaching program. She dedicated over two years to leading an infertility support group and volunteered her coaching tools to these amazing women. Amanda was mentored by a Martha Beck certified Life Coach and gained much of her influence from books written by Martha Beck. Amanda has experience with one-on-one sessions, group workshops, teaching tools through online forums, and much more!

Life Coaching is Amanda’s passion and sharing life purpose with other people is simply what she was born to do. Amanda utilizes many life coaching models to continue moving her clients in a forward focused direction. She takes a compassionate approach, while always being inspired to ask the questions that are sure to lead the client into their own awakening. You can expect to talk with her about bringing balance into your life, eliminating fear-based thinking, the power of thought work, among so many more powerful topics!


Southwest Institute of Healing Arts Certified Life Coach

Life Coaching, Group Coaching, Fertility Coaching


-One hour sessions
-By Phone, Skype, Google Messenger
-In person in the Phoenix, Arizona area
-$75 per session


In September 2012 I joined The Fertile Ground Support group in which Amanda was leading at the time. Working with Amanda has been such a blessing. She is very supportive and compassionate. She is a fantastic leader and mentor. She helped me as well as many other girls in our group focus on the positive things in our life and what is really important to me in life. She helped me think about my goals in regards to my infertility journey and helped me create reasonable steps to reach those goals. Amanda is a fantastic listener and I think that is a key quality to have as a life coach. I trust Amanda. When I talk to her I feel heard. She helped me to focus on the positive things in my life and not so much on the obstacles I was facing in my infertility. Anybody who seeks Amanda’s life coaching help and support will be in great hands. It is a blessing to have been able to experience Amanda’s life coaching skills first hand.



Amanda has been and continues to be instrumental in helping me through the process of building our family. I started working with her in our group fertility meetings and I know that without her guidance and support I would have not had the tools to get through the past 2 years with as much grace as I have had.

She is in the moment with you at all times. It is rare that you meet someone that is consistently present and genuine. Amanda knows what a life changing journey this can be and she helped me move through it not just complain about it. Of course there are many moments of ‘why me’ and she honored that. But we worked to move through each step and she helped me to not get stuck.

She is such a strong and compassionate woman and a great advocate. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone who needs support and guidance while navigating through the infertility process. It can be daunting to do it alone. Amanda is the kind of person and professional that is committed to her life’s passion of helping women in need.


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