Adam Jeppson, Personal Trainer and Certified Life Coach

Adam is a Personal Trainer, Mastery Systems Life Coach/Law of Attraction Practitioner

adam-jeppsonAbout Adam Jeppson

Hello, my name is Adam. I am a Personal Trainer and Certified Life Coach through Mastery Systems, Law of Attraction practitioner, and weight management specialist; as well as many other fitness certifications and certificates through Mastery Systems. And it is my pleasure serving you and facilitating you in remembering who you AM! We are all great glorious beings of light, and it took me some time to again remember this great truth. I have traveled down many, many paths to where I AM now. One translation for the word facilitator “ is to make easy”. I teach very profound yet simple systems of self-mastery. I believe in incorporating mind, body and spirit modalities to function at our highest potential. I have traveled all over the country teaching these systems of self-mastery. And I have worked with all ages from children to 80 years young. I specialize in relationships, family, personal, business, and in functional fitness. I will also teach you imagination activation, outcome mapping, sacred body language translations and conscious language. I have many, many tools in my tool belt and I am excited to share and teach and enjoy our experience together. “ I AM the open door that no man can shut!”


I offer personal training sessions in person. I offer life coaching, nutrition and weight management sessions in person, phone or through skype. I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Kung-Fu fitness instructor, Lifestyle and Weight management specialist, Sports Injury specialist. I am a certified Mastery Systems Life Coach, Body Electronics Facilitator and a Law of Attraction Practitioner.

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